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Marz and Royal **** BME NawfSide

Royal, MarZ, JeVinchy & Evan are my sons. I'm proud because they are making waves in music, medicine, modeling & films! Aside my sons, my top favorite artist are Aretha Franklin, Reagan James, CardiB, Snoop Dogg, E40, 50Cent, Tiffany Foxx, Nicki Minaj, Tokyo Jetz & Keke Wyatt. World Tour June 2019!

Mission to Vision

About BDP,

BossDivaz Productionz formed in 1995 when I began my journey as an entrepreneur with my first company. Having been raised a country Christian girl, my parents emphasized earning an education that would sustain "forever income" and therefore I became a Nurse and Nursing Instructor. However, I had other plans. Today I operate multifaceted organization complete with healthcare, education, film and radio. They were right, "forever income" was right there in their faces. Your family is where your wealth is.  

About Your Story,

I can tell your story and make people listen even if they were never interested before. Deciding that I needed to chase my dreams and because people listen, I launched my radio show/talk show now known as #EndlessVoicez. I speak on every topic others wont. Physicians are some of the bossiest professionals life offers and confident in me because I educate, build clinical skill-sets and place healthcare professionals in their office. Yes, I have a super power, I teach Nursing. #SMBTechSchool Whats yours? In front of the camera as a cast mate or behind it as the Producer/Director, my passion and drive deliver.  #BDPFilm

Current Projects,

I am busy teaching young adults to assist with saving lives as ambulatory care professionals. We are also working on the opening my higher educational institution in Florida. We will keep you posted. We continue to accept applications for private home schooling for grades 3-12. 

We are currently working on three feature films which will be in productions 2018 - 2019. We are also in productions for season 4 of #AtlBossDivazLatinaz Reality Show and will continue casting for American and Latino teen Boss cast members. 

* SINthetic (in productions)

* Blood Messiah (casting)

* 287g Black Latina (deferred/pre-productions)

Beginning January 2019, Ill be recording my radio show LIVE in my studio forum every Wednesday evening. I'm LIVE on Twitter or Facebook with my radio and talk shows randomly delivering hot topics in news/business and entertainment! Until we secure distribution find us online at www.YouTube.com/BossDivazProductionz TIDAL and APPLE! (*pending) I look forward to meeting you. Lets work!


Season 4 Just Got Real...

After a long search of better, established, dedicated BossDivaz, season 4 inherited some real issues, but exciting! Stay tuned!

Resume and Demos

Files coming soon.


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