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A suburban family with three children and a well liked husband with a hidden nefarious past and wife trapped by the devastating histories of her childhood, all comes back to tear this family apart. Release October 2019.

"287G Black Latina"

A young, bold and determined Immigration Attorney challenges a highly publicized immigration matter, but is battling her own demons when it comes to being Latina and Black in a country that's known to represent Caucasian as superior and other nationalities as inferior. 

Release tentatively March 2020

"Blood Messiah"

Concerned about the well-being of their 19 year old pregnant granddaughter Sabrina, devout elderly Christians Mary and John try not to be too strict nor stubborn with Sabrina's decisions as she is dating a man they feel is satanic. As sin champions Sabrina's thinking, the beast of mankind awakens history and her grandparents are plagued by the untimely reminder of their own daughters death after the birth of their great grandson.

Atl BossDivaz Latinaz

Season 5 ***** Queens & Divaz  

After dealing with the majority of failed deliverance's of true bosses and divas one of the longest running cast members, RhondaK decides to take the show to new levels. Late Spring, 2019 we introduce 10 young divas of which 7 confer to an experienced platform of 3 leads that assist with directing their journeys through education, boldness and bravery.

"Endless Voicez Show & Studios"

Host/Director/Producer, Boss lady RhondaK introduces her three co host as they share the worlds stories in drama, entertainment, politics, family, healthcare and education all in our newly lavish news room in Gwinnett. She allows the public to join her in her segment entitled "lets ask my neighbor."